Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Dr. Ithiel de Sola Pool

About Dr. Ithiel de Sola Pool and her predictions about the future of the world in technology, culture, and economy.


A professor of political science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pool is the author of several books-Symbols of Democracy; American Business and Public Policy; The People Look at Educational Television; Candidates, Issues, and Strategies.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given-Information technology will make possible indices of everything-e.g., public happiness according to race, sex, and age; reports of levels of public knowledge; statistics on traffic delays. Such computerized data systems will raise the issue of invasion of privacy.

--Knowledge of the human brain--cognition, memory, ability to make associations, categorization-will increase. Educational technology will be extremely sophisticated.

--Computers will be built that will be capable of formulating grammatical sentences in answer to verbal questions and of translating from one language into another.

--It will be possible to determine specifically the effects of the family, genetic inheritance, and parental treatment on the individual child.

--People will be even more uninhibited than today and will talk openly about their feelings.

--Nations will regulate their economic condition, making conscious choices concerning growth, consumption, and leisure.

--The economic gap between developed and undeveloped nations will narrow.

--Nationalism will be less important.

--Sophisticated information systems will make it possible for diplomats to experiment on-line with alternate strategies by means of simulation models of international systems.

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