Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Dr. Olaf Helmer

About the founder of Institute for the Future Dr. Olaf Helmer and some of his predictions for the future of the world in the year 2000 and beyond.

Predictor: OLAF HELMER

Dr. Helmer is a founding member of the Institute for the Future in Connecticut and, with others, the developer of Delphi, a method of predicting the future by making use of the intuitive guesses of many experts. A mathematician and philosopher, he says, "We must cease to be mere spectators in our own ongoing history and participate with determination in molding the future."

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 2000

--The world population will be over 5 billion, but the rate of increase will be decreasing because of more efficient methods of population control.

--The World Gross Product will be from 3 to 4 times what it is today. This means that the per capita Gross Product will be double or triple present levels.

--People will live in urban complexes, and life will be automated, with central data banks, a credit-card economy, and portable video-telephones.

--Personality-changing drugs will be used as alcohol is today.

--Plastic and electronic replacements for human organs will extend life.

--A permanent colony will exist on the moon.

--Men will have landed on Mars.

--Possible, but less probable:

. Weather will be controlled.

. Large-scale ocean mining will be in progress.

. Artificial life will have been created.

. There will be immunization against all germ-caused diseases.

. Machines will work as collaborators with scientists and engineers.

--Even less probable:

. We will be farming the ocean.

. Highway transportation will be fully automated.

. Men-machine symbiosis will exist.

. We may have learned to control hereditary defects in man; to control the aging process; to cause artificial growth of new organs.

. Drugs to raise intelligence levels may be available.

. We may be mining the moon; have established a permanent base on Mars; have landed on Jupiter's moons.

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