Future Predictions of Famous Scientist John McHale

About John McHale and some of his predictions about the future of science and technology.

Predictor: JOHN MCHALE

John McHale is an artist, designer, ecologist, sociologist, and scientist. Formerly executive director of the World Resources Inventory at Southern Illinois University, he is an active member of the Continuing Committee of the World Future Research Congress and has written books about the future.

Past Predictions: Wrong--No record.

Right--He predicted personal computers would one day be available. McHale was right.

--He once said computers would be able to learn from experience on nontrivial tasks. McHale was right.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--It will be possible to put information into computers with handwritten manuscript.

--A flat-screen wall television will be developed, as will experimental digital television.

For 1981-1990-It will be possible to put information into a computer by talking into it.

--Three-dimensional television will be developed.

--The telephone network will be fully digitalized.

For 1991-2000-Home video-computers will become available.

No Dates Given-Art will tend to become more a part of the environment and less value will be placed on permanence (in life, as well as in art).

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