Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Lloyd V. Stover

About Lloyd V. Stover and his predictions about the future of the world especially in regards to ocean and marine life.

Predictor: LLOYD V. STOVER

Stover is senior research scientist at the University of Miami Institute of Marine Science.

Past Predictions: Wrong--In 1970, Stover predicted that by the mid-1970s Surface Effect Ships (SES), like hovercraft, would be providing transportation systems for commuters, using waterways near cities like Washington, D.C.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--Along the coasts, people might be enjoying themselves in boats propelled by water jets and in small submarines.

--Through international agreement in the United Nations, a seabed registry will be established which will regulate ocean exploration and development beyond national boundaries.

--With diver assistance, the U.S. Navy expects to be able to salvage large objects (e.g., submarines) from depths as great as 850'.

--Stable ocean platforms will be used as large sea-station systems for airports, shipping terminals, resorts, and perhaps oil refineries. To reach shore, operators will use VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) and STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) vehicles, hydrofoils, Surface Effect Ships, and conventional surface ships.

--Large moving laboratories will be operating at depths as great as 6,000'. These will contain excursion modules which can leave the mother lab and go down 4,000' deeper.

--Mobile mining systems may mine minerals from shallow parts of the ocean.

--The fishing industry will be back in operation at greater capacity than before. Large submersible systems will process, in the ocean, plants and animals for food.

--Offshore petroleum will supply 33% of U.S. needs.

--A giant undersea exploratory operation along ocean ridges, extending from Iceland through the Atlantic and around the Cape of Good Hope into the Indian Ocean, will provide information which will aid in evaluation of undersea resources.

--The nations of the world will cooperate in planning for the use of resources in order to control pollution and improve the environment. For 1981-1990--Large oceangoing SES vehicles might provide transportation over the world's oceans.

--A World Weather Watch will change local weather, tame hurricanes, and possibly cause artificial upswellings in the ocean in order to bring up nutrients from the bottom, which will increase the number of fish.

--The ocean will supply the world with significant amounts of power, water, food, and drugs.

--By 1990, large commercial submersible vehicles will be in operation, and submerged ports to handle them will be under study.

--Surveys to great depths will be conducted in order to determine possible uses of calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, and the red clays found there.

For 1991-2000--Large undersea stations supported by nuclear power and used for research will be possible at depths greater than 10,000'.

--By 1995, complete underwater resorts will have been built.

--Scientists will be seriously considering mobile floating cities, which by 2000 will have been built in prototype. These would be used for space launchings, for plants for processing food from the sea, and for special research.

--By 2000, the world demand for food from the sea will reach 350 billion lbs. (In 1970, it was 123 billion lbs.)

--The ocean could be considered as a major source of food, power, fresh water, and other resources.


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