Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Orville Freeman

About Orville Freeman, his biography and some of his predictions about the future of the country and the world especially in agriculutre.


Orville Freeman was Secretary of Agriculture during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations and is now president of Business International Corporation. He believes that if the human race does not develop plans for land use, the world may become even more divided into have and have-not nations, where the haves try to protect themselves from the have-nots with arms and tariffs, as hostility arises. Eventually, he feels, the hostility would end in desperate aggression toward the haves by the have-nots. He is also strongly in favor of alternatives to big cities, such as town-country communities. Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

--Space satellites 200 or more miles above the surface of the earth will analyze weather, differences in soil, crops and forests, and spot crop damage.

--It will be possible to speed or retard ripening of crops for market reasons through the use of artificial light and growth-regulating chemicals.

--Bugs, drought, and disease will be kept in check by biological control (e.g., sterilization of insects by radiation), specific insecticides, and weather control. The dozen or so insects that cause half the world's crop losses will be totally eradicated.

--It will be possible to breed plants and trees unaffected by plant diseases.

--Weeds will be controlled by harmless chemicals that keep seeds from germinating.

--Nuclear heat-tapping of deep snow and glacier ice will provide new water supplies.

By 2000--Soil throughout the world will have been inventoried. Crops will be grown on the soils best suited for them, or soils will be chemically modified for the optimum output.

--Agricultural products will be grown and distributed in accordance with plans made by a sophisticated computer system.

--Unproductive hillsides will be treated to shed rainfall so that this water may be delivered to reservoirs. The surfaces of water bodies will be chemically treated to eliminate water loss by evaporation.

--Irrigation will be completely automated and controlled by computers.

--Livestock will be kept in environmentally controlled shelters, will grow to market size on 1/3 less feed and in 1/3 less time.

--Cornstalks will grow multiple ears; cotton bolls will be clustered on the tops of plants for ease of picking.

--Crops will grow faster and plants will be genetically redesigned so that all their leaves are exposed to sunlight and so that they can live on much less water.

--Farming will be done by computers and computer-controlled machines, but farms will still be family-owned and operated.

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