Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Theodore J. Gordon

About Theodore J. Gordon of the Futures Group and some of his predictions about the future of space and technology.


Theodore Gordon is president of the Futures Group, a private research organization, and was formerly director of Space Stations and Planetary Systems at McDonnell Douglas as well as senior research fellow for the Institute for the Future. He is co-developer of the "cross impact matrix analysis" forecasting technique. Like many modern scientists, his concerns range beyond his field: He is a social analyst of everything from drugs to religion.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 1981-1990

--Inexpensive nonnarcotic drugs which produce changes in personality as well as sensation may be used in established churches for religious ceremonies.

For 1991-2000--The average man will live to be 100.

No Dates Given--Genetic manipulation will enable man to produce tiny research scientists with IQs of 200 or humble servants or special athletes.

--It will be possible perhaps to provide selfcontained life support systems for astronauts, including conversion of body wastes through an artificial kidney built into a spaceship. Sleep could be electronically induced to lower the metabolism rate.

--It might be possible to make a huge "hollow earth" world from an asteroid, with a mirror placed at an opening in one end to concentrate light, which could be turned on and off as the asteroid's interior inhabitants wished.

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