Future Predictions of Famous Writer Arthur C. Clarke

About the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke and some of his predictions about the future of the world and technology.


A prolific writer of science fiction, Arthur C. Clarke is also the originator of communication satellites, for which he was awarded a Franklin Institute Gold Medal. He was formerly Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society. One of his books served as the basis for the movie 2001.

Past Predictions: Right--In 1945, Clarke predicted the use of satellites for communication. About 15 years later, the 1st such satellite was launched. In 1947, he predicted that the 1st moon rocket would be launched in 1959. It was.

Future Predictions: For 1991-2000

--A road sign of the future is likely to read "No wheeled vehicles on this highway." Cars without wheels will float on air, bringing about the passing of the wheel.

--Television from satellites will bring to underdeveloped countries advice on agriculture, birth control, and other educational topics. (Possible now.)

--Air-conditioned settlements on the moon will be situated under domes or below ground to avoid solar radiation. Food will be grown in air-conditioned domes, and building materials will be mined from the moon itself.

No Dates Given--Video-telephones will make possible business lunches with "the 2 halves of the table 10,000 mi. apart." They might also be used to show new designs to the consumer, allowing selection to be made in the home.

--Centralization of work in cities will become obsolete with improved electronic communications.

--It will be possible to radio or cable a letter anywhere in the world in less than a day with privacy assured because of "robot handling at all stages of the operation."

--Physical and chemical sieves may enable us to tap the minerals in the ocean. (A cubic mile of sea water might contain as much as 25 tons of gold.)

--"The 1st intelligent computer will be the last machine man will need to make--and quite possibly the last that he'll be permitted to make."

--People of the future may live on food made from the protein in oil. Three percent of the world's oil production could feed everyone.

--It will probably be possible to observe the past and the future through telepathy.

--We might be able to increase the intelligence of our domestic animals.

--All of the following might be possible: robots, death rays, transmutation, artificial life, immortality, invisibility, levitation, teleportation, and communication with the dead.

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