Gabon: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About Gabon, information, history size, location, population, people, culture, and government.


Size--103,347 sq. mi. (267,667 sq. km.). Population--525,000.

Straddling the equator on Africa's west coast, Gabon was carved from French Equatorial Africa in 1960 and given its independence. However, Frenchmen still control the economy, the schools, and some say the Government. Nevertheless, the current administration is seeking investments from other Western countries to trade off French economic domination for a many-headed one. At least 80% of the people still hunt, fish, and grow their own food. In 1970 the Salvation Army and Jehovah's Witnesses were officially banned from the country. It was in Gabon that Albert Schweitzer set up a hospital for lepers.

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