Gallop Polls: International Public Opinions from the 1970s

About international public polls taken in the 1970s involving different countries governments, economy and living.

A 6-year Sampling of the Gallup Poll


These Gallup pools were based "upon a scientifically selected sample of names included in The International Year Book and Statesman's Who's Who, which lists the world's leading statesmen, scientists, jurists, business executives, publishers, educators, as well as leaders in other similar fields."

June, 1970--"Omitting your country, what nation of the world do you think is best governed?" The results rank the nations in this order: SWITZERLAND: GREAT BARITAIN: SWEDEN; W. GERMANY; CANADA; U.S.; .DENMARK; THE NETHERLANDS; AUSTRIA; JAPAN.

May, 1971--"What person in all of history do you admire the most?" The following are listed in order of frequency of mention: ABRAHAM LINCOLN; WINSTON CHURCHILL; MAHATMA GANDHI; WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; SOCRATES.

These Gallup polls were taken of the international public in general.

Jan., 1971--"What is the smallest amount of money a family of 4(husband, wife, and 2 children) needs each week to get along in this community?" Median average: U.S.--$126 wl.; W. GERMANY--$82 wk; BRAZIL--$77 wk.; GREAT BRITAIN--$66 wk.;

GREECE--$56 wk.; URUGUAY--$53 wk.; THE NETHERLANDS--$51 wk.

Mar., 1971--Asked in 9 nations of people who would like to settle in another country: "What country would you like to settle in?" Choice in Great Britain--AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND; Choice in Uruguay--U.S., GERMANY; Choice in W. Germany--U.S., SWITZERLAND; Choice in Greece--U.S., GREAT BRITAIN; Choice in Finland--SWEDEN, U.S.; Choice in Brazil--U.S., ITALY; Choice in The Netherlands--AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND; Choice in U.S.--AUSRALIA, CANAD, GREAT BRITAIN, SWITEZELAND.

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