Gallop Polls: Public Opinion in the United States in 1969

About a public opinion poll taken in 1969 by Gallop covering a range of societal issues including prison sentences, cigarettes, trips to Mars and Church.

A 6-year Sampling of the Gallup Poll


(Pollsters' questions have been paraphrased and condensed, except for those enclosed in quotation marks.)

Feb.--What should be the prison sentence for various designated crimes? Those specifying 10 years or more, by percentage figures: DOPE PEDDLING--85%; ARMED ROBBERY--60%; ARSON--53%; PASSING BAD CHECKS--16%; CAR THEFT--15%.

June--"Would you find pictures of nudes in magazines objectionable?" YES--73%; No--27%.

Aug.--Would you favor the U.S. Government's spending money to land a person on the planet Mars? OPPOSE--53%; FAVOR--39%; NO OPINION--8%.

Sept.--Have you smoked any cigarettes in the past week? YES--40%. (More men than women smoked. Persons in their 20s smoked the most.)

Sept.--"From what you have heard or read, which large city is the most interesting or different?" Ranked in order of most votes: NEW YORK CITY; SAN FRANCISCO; LOS ANGELES; WASHINGTON, D.C.; NEW ORLEANS. Also mentioned: BOSTON; CHICAGO; HONOLULU; LAS VEGAS; MIAMI.

Sept.--Do you think it is wrong or not wrong to have sexual relations before marriage? WRONG--68%; NOT WRONG--21%; NO OPINION--11%.

Dec.--For people like yourself, do you think the world will be a better place to live in 10 years from now? BETTER--39%; SAME--28%; NOT AS GOOD--27%; NO OPINION--6%.

Dec.--Did you, yourself, happen to attend church in the last 7 days? No--58%; YES--42%.

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