Gallop Polls: Public Opinion in the United States in 1971

About a public opinion poll taken in 1971 by Gallop covering a range of societal issues including happiness, vigilante violence, religion, life after death and others.

A 6-year Sampling of the Gallup Poll


Jan.--"In general, how happy would you say you are--very happy, fairly happy, or not happy?" FAIRLY--48%; VERY--43%; NOT HAPPY--6%; NO OPINION--3%.

Jan.--"Do you think violence is sometimes justified to bring about change in American society, or not?" NOT JUSTIFIED--81%; JUSTIFIED--14%; NO OPINION--5%.

Feb.--Not counting the Bible or textbooks, when did you last read a hardcover or paperback book all the way through? HAVE READ AT LEAST ONE BOOK IN PAST MONTH--26%.

Feb.--Asked of Protestants only: Did you read any part of the Bible in the last year? YES--72%; No--28%.

Mar.--Would you prefer a 40-hour week of 4 10-hour days or 5 8-hour days? FIVE 8-HOUR DAYS--56%; FOUR 10-HOUR DAYS--38%; NO OPINION--6%.

Apr.--Asked of clergymen only: "Have you ever seriously considered leaving the religious life?" Protestant ministers: No--67%; YES--33%. Catholic priests: No--77%; YES--23%; Jewish rabbis: No--57%; YES--43%.

June--"Do you believe that some kind of human life exists on other planets in the total universe?" YES--53%; NO--47%.

June--"Do you believe in life after death?" YES--53%; NO--33%; NO OPINION--14%.

Sept.--In the next few years which country--Russia or China--do you think will be a Greater threat to world peace? CHINA--56%; RUSSIA--27%; No OPINION--17%.

Oct.--"If your party nominated a generally well--qualified man for President and he happened to be a Negro, would you vote for him? YES--70%; NO--23%; NO OPINION--7%.

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