General Electric G.E. Trivia and Random Facts

Some of the trivia and random facts about the U.S. business General Electric, or G.E.



Women at GE generally hold the most boring and repetitious jobs, as well as the lowest paying. Of the 105 top executives in the company, none are women.

Over $1 billion in tax dollars goes to GE each year for military and related work. The company makes excessive profits on this aspect of production, often 50-100% above the average profits for domestic consumer production. For the Indochina war GE produced major components of the F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber, including the J-79 jet engines, the 20-mm Vulcan cannon, a TV display panel for guiding Walleye "smart" bombs, automatic fire control systems, and electronic countermeasures. The company also produced electronic countermeasures for B-52 and F-105 bombers, an aircraft mini-gun and other aircraft armaments, and components for the "people-sniffer" chemical sensor.

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