General George Washington and Profanity

About a fateful day when General George Washington swore up a storm, history and account of the cussing.


The Day General Washington Cussed like a Trooper. "In an earlier order issued by John Adams, naval officers were authorized to punish swearing sailors 'by causing them to wear a wooden collar or some shameful badge,' but such orders were generally ignored by American officers trained in the great British tradition of 'damn' and 'hell.' Washington's own conversation was reputed to be amply spiced with both of these gentlemanly oaths, though he seldom indulged in the hard profanity used in patriot ranks. According to the earwitness account of Gen. Charles Scott, however, Washington swore one day at Monmouth 'until the leaves shook on trees. Charming, delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing before or since. Sir, on that day, he swore like an angel from heaven.'"

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