Germany: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Germany, its unique banking, the Autobahn highway, the number of Jews in Germany.


No other country in the world has harbored such thorough militarism nor fielded such splendid armies (except perhaps France under Napoleon) nor won such sweeping military campaigns. Nor has any other country ever suffered such total defeat. Germany lost both of the world's 2 global wars-but unlike the majority of her conquerors, it arose each time mightier after defeat than before, reconquering economically the countries which it could not defeat militarily.

Germany has a special banking arm of the Government which enforces a policy of "Equalization of burdens." Accordingly, if someone had his house destroyed during the war he was entitled to credit for rebuilding. Those whose structures were spared had to pay a special "tax" to establish capital for those who needed to rebuild.

The 1st interstate highway system in the world was the German Autobahn, a 4-lane roadway system started by Hitler in the mid-1930s as a work relief program for the jobless. Its ostensible purpose was a public motorized-traffic network, but its real purpose was the rapid movement of arms and armies. The Pennsylvania Turnpike planners studied the Autobahn before introducing the same type of highway system in the U.S.

In 1933 there were 530,000 Jews in Germany. In 1946 the figure stood at 180,000 of which the great majority have since emigrated so that there are at most 30,000 left in Germany today, largely in Berlin.

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