Groups, Organizations, Meetings and Clubs - B

A list of groups, organizations, meetings, and clubs beginning with the letter B including Barber Shop Quartet group and the Button Society.


Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc., The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of, 6315 3rd Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 53141

. . . Founded in 1938. Purpose: "To preserve and encourage the barbershop style of singing; to sing in harmony and to live in harmony with your fellowmen. The society has one goal toward which it is constantly striving, and that is to 'Keep America Singing' with 'Songs of Service.'" Holds annual local, district, State, national, and international contests in quartet and chorus singing. Welcomes into its membership adult males, "young and old, from every walk of life who get satisfaction from being a central part of a chord of music whether it originates from the heart or from a musical arrangement." Publishes bimonthly magazine, The Harmonizer. Dues are $18 per year. Offers records and tapes for sale. Members have included Bing Crosby, James Gregory, and William Hanna. 35,000 members, 750 chapters.

Bottle Clubs, The Federation of Historical, c/o Gene Bradberry, 4098 Faxon Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38122

. . . Founded in 1969 "to promote, foster, and encourage all activities toward the betterment of bottle collecting." Club membership is $10 per year. The Federation Journal is published twice a year and a monthly newsletter is issued to each member. Regional meetings are held twice a year. In 1976 the 1st bottle exposition will be held in St. Louis with the support and backing of Anheuser Busch, Corning Glass, and others. 2,500 members, 123 chapters.

Bullfighting, The International Council Against, c/o Alfred Weirs, 1 Littledale, Lanes End, Darenth, Kent, England

. . . Founded in 1960 "to end bullfighting--internationally." Membership is pound 1 per year and includes a subscription to their newsletters. Sponsors an annual meeting in London.

Button Society, National, Box 116, Lamoni, Ia. 50140

. . . Founded in 1938 "to promote educational exhibits, to encourage research, to publish and disseminate information among its members, and to preserve for future generations all that is beautiful and historical in buttons." Annual dues are $5. Publishes bimonthly, The National Button Bulletin. Sponsors State meetings and an annual convention. Prepares various books and pamphlets. 2,234 members, 29 chapters.

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