Groups, Organizations, Meetings and Clubs - I

A list of groups, organizations, meetings, and clubs beginning with the letter I including the Insurance Consumers' Union.


Insurance Consumers' Union/Policyholders Protective Association, P.O. Box 3232, Jekyll Island, Ga. 31520

. . . Founded in 1971 "to compel insurance companies to pay just claims and treat consumers fairly." Founder and chairman John Gregg, a former insurance agent, says: "What we are doing is using the collective muscle power of many thousands of little people to offset the economic imbalance between the individual policyholder and his multibillion-dollar insurance company adversary." Voluntary contributions, suggested at a minimum of $15 per year, qualifies one for membership. Distributes 2 books, The Health Insurance Racket and How to Beat It and Policyholders' Guidebook on Insurance Collecting (both authored by John Gregg). 4,000 members, divisions in 14 States.

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