Groups, Organizations, Meetings and Clubs - L

A list of groups, organizations, meetings, and clubs beginning with the letter L including the Liars Club and La Leche League International.


La Leche League International, Inc., 9616 Minneapolis Ave., Franklin Park, Ill. 60131

. . . Founded in 1956 "to help mothers who wish to breast-feed their infants." Dues are $8 per year and include a subscription to a bimonthly publication. Holds an international conference every 3 years. Sponsors workshops, seminars, and lectures on childbirth and breast-feeding. Members have included Princess Grace of Monaco, Natalie Wood, and Susan St. James. 80,000 members, 1,800 chapters.

Legal In-Service Project Reservists' Committee, 355 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 02135

. . . Founded in 1969 "to inform and counsel service people of their legal rights, to expose and organize against corruption within the military (such as racism, sexism, individual harassment, recruiting practices), and to fight militarism and imperialism." No membership dues but a voluntary contribution entitles members to a subscription to their newsletter, Redline. 2,700 members.

Liars Club, Burlington, Burlington, Wis. 53105

. . . Founded around 1930. According to founder and 1st president Otis Hulett, "We're probably the only honest men on the face of the earth. You see, everybody is a bit of a liar, but we are the only ones who admit it." Each year approximately 97,000 worldwide liars submit letters to the club in the hope of winning the title of World Champion Liar. "Sometimes," says Hulett, "we figure we've seen the last of some stories. But they come back and haunt us year in year out--like the one about the man who had one bullet left in his gun, and 2 bears acomin' at him. So he shot his gun at a knife which cut the bullet in 2. And each half killed a bear."

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