Groups, Organizations, Meetings and Clubs - R

A list of groups, organizations, meetings, and clubs beginning with the letter R including the Ragtime Society and the Richard III Society.


Ragtime Society, Inc., P.O. Box 520, Weston, Ontario, Canada

. . . Founded in 1962 "to find and preserve classical ragtime music and to pursue such other activities as will serve to maintain and develop interest in this music and the music related thereto." Dues are $5 per year and include a subscription to the bimonthly publication The Ragtimer. Offers record albums, sheet music, and books for sale. Holds an annual convention in Toronto. 500 members.

Retired Persons, American Association of, 1909 K St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20006

. . . Founded in 1958 "to help its membership achieve retirement lives of dignity, independence, and purpose." Sponsors consumer education, tax aid, and health education programs. Publishes Modern Maturity and Dynamic Maturity, plus the AARP News Bulletin. Applicants must be 55 years old or older. Dues are $2 a year (includes spouse). 6 million members, 1,700 chapters.

Richard III Society, Inc., c/o Mrs. Linda McLatchie, 9 Weld St., Apt. 48, Framingham, Mass. 01701

. . . Founded in U.S. in 1960, in U.K. in 1920. Purpose is "to assess history of 15th century in light of recent research and establish the truth about Richard III in the face of Tudor and Shakespeare myth." Publishes a quarterly, Ricardian, and a bimonthly, Register. Membership is $6 for individuals, $10 for couples. 350 members in U.S., 1,500 worldwide.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Citizens Committee for, 3214-A, West McGraw, Suite 7, Seattle, Wash. 98199

. . . Founded in 1971 "to defend the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution." Annual dues are $15. Publishes a monthly newsletter, Point Blank, and distributes a book, Our Vanishing Freedom, about the right to bear arms. 23,000 members.

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