Growing a Food Garden in the City Hydroponics

About how to grow your own food garden in the city with hydroponics, information and different methods.


If space is really limited, a city gardener may find it worthwhile to investigate "hydroponics," literally "water-culture." Plants grown by this method are fed nutrients in a solution form they absorb directly. Soil is therefore not necessary for nutritive value. Hydroponics involves one of 3 methods: water-, gravel-, or sand-culture. In water-culture, plants are grown in tanks, are supported by corks, and must be fed a precise, perfected solution. In gravel-culture, plants are placed in a coarse gravel base and are fed from the bottom, using a pump mechanism to keep water and air moving. The simplest and most practical method is sand-culture, in which plants are placed in supportive building sand and fed from above. A wick mechanism can be arranged to provide even feeding--in which one end of the wick is placed in the food solution and the other lies on top of the sand. By adjusting the thickness of the wick, you can regulate the flow of the solution. Mixtures for making these solutions can be purchased in garden stores. They are usually made from fish emulsions and are added to water.

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