Growing A Food Garden in the City Introduction

An introduction to the idea of growing your own food garden.

Growing Food in the City

Remember the energy crisis? The meat shortage? Now some experts are predicting worldwide famine in the next decade. Already it is reality in much of the world. In the U.S., artificial shortages have been contrived to raise prices. Much of the food that is available is of poor quality because of mass farming techniques. Growing your own food makes more and more sense. Only by controlling every step--from the preparation of the soil to the preparation of a meal--can you be sure your food is free of chemicals damaging to both your health and the taste of your produce, and only by growing your own can you protect yourself from shortages, either real or contrived. Besides, it's rewarding, easy, and fun.

Most seeds will grow almost anywhere if given half a chance. Even a one-room basement apartment can be made into a little farm, and a house with a backyard can provide a good proportion of a family's food needs. You can grow cucumbers in a hanging pot, tomatoes in a bushel basket by a sunny window, or herbs on a windowsill. But even if you have only a dark cupboard, you can grow a crop of sprouts.

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