Guide to Gold and Buried Treasure: Captain T.M.'s Oklahoma Treasure

About the buried treasure of Captain T.M. gold coins buried somewhere in the Kiamichi Mountains in Oklahoma, history and information.


Captain T.M.'s Oklahoma Treasure

A copper box full of at least $80,000 in gold coins is buried in the Kiamichi Mountains near the present community of Cloudy, Okla.

How It Got There. Captain T.M. (name unknown) and his Indian wife lived in the Seven Devils' Mountains (now the Kiamichis) around the turn of the century. Over the years the captain had hoarded $80,000 worth of gold coins, and in his old age he decided to put this in a safe place.

He put his money in a large copper box and buried it somewhere near his cabin. A few years later he died. He hadn't told his wife exactly where the box was hidden, but she had watched him whenever he went to fetch money from it. She said that he sometimes would head north and return from the east, and sometimes he'd head east and return from the north.

Unfortunately, in her old age the captain's wife couldn't seem to remember exactly where their cabin had been. Or perhaps she was exhibiting an Indian's natural reluctance to discuss gold with white men, an attitude born of long and sad experience. At any rate, she said that the cabin had stood on a low hill a half mile west of a certain rocky ledge. Local residents say that there used to be a cave near this cliff, but it's never been found.

How to Get There. Cloudy, Okla., is near the Texas-Arkansas-Oklahoma border, in Pushmataha County. Ask local residents where Captain T.M.'s old settler's cabin used to stand, or try the library's vertical file.

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