Guide to Gold and Buried Treasure: Civil War Bank Robbery Loot

About the Vermont Civil War Bank Robbery and the resulting buried gold and money, the history and search for this treasure.


Vermont's Civil War Bank Robbery

A band of Confederate raiders robbed 3 banks in St. Albans, Vt., and buried $114,522 in gold and currency somewhere near the Canadian border.

How It Got There. On October 18, 1864, St. Albans, Vt., was a sleepy village that didn't pay much attention to all the strangers that had appeared during the previous few days. There was a war being fought and strangers were always coming and going. That war was much closer than anyone suspected.

As the afternoon wore on, the strangers began moseying over to the village green. As the town clock struck the hour of 3, they suddenly formed into 3 separate groups and converged purposefully on the 3 banks fronting the square. While some of them held the townspeople at gunpoint, the rest quickly cleaned out the banks. In minutes the task was completed, and all 22 galloped out of town.

Fourteen of the 22 were soon arrested in Canada, and St. Albans was amazed to learn that they were Confederate soldiers who had planned to use their loot to stage similar raids on other New England towns. The arrested men had some of the money with them, but $114,522 was missing. They couldn't seem to remember where it was.

The banks offered $10,000 to anyone who located the missing bundle, most of which was in gold. There were no takers.

Previous Searches. After the war, one of the soldiers came back. He didn't say much, but a local farmer secretly followed him as he wandered along the Vermont side of the Canadian border. He was obviously searching for something, but seemed confused. At length he left, empty-handed, and was never seen again.

How to Get There. St. Albans is about 20 mi. north of Burlington, Vt., near Lake Champlain. The soldier's search seems to place the treasure somewhere along the Vermont side of the border near there.

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