Guide to Gold and Buried Treasure: Montezuma's Lost Caravan Part 2

About Montezuma's Lost Treasure Caravan filled with gold and jewels, history and information on previous searches for the Aztec tresure..


Montezuma's Lost Treasure Caravan

Previous Searches. In the July 14, 1876, issue of the Taos, N. Mex., Weekly New Mexican, there's a report of a young Mexican who arrived in town to look for the treasure. Others from the town went out with him, because he seemed to have some special knowledge of where to look.

Searching among the rocks in the mountains outside town, he suddenly scrambled up a cliff ahead of the rest of the party. After a long silence he called out that he'd found a cave "filled with gold and lit into the blaze of day with precious stones." At that moment, according to the newspaper account, a powerful wind blew him off the cliff. He was dashed against the rocks below, and didn't live to tell the location of the cave. No one else has ever found a trace of it.

The town of Kanab, U., doesn't believe that the treasure is anywhere near Taos, N. Mex. Kanab came into the story in 1914, when a prospector named Freddie Crystal rode into town. He told a wealthy rancher named Oscar Robinson that he'd done a lot of research into the Montezuma legend while in Mexico, and he'd found an old book that gave him a solid clue. It seems that the book had drawings of symbols which Montezuma's men had supposedly inscribed on the rocks in a canyon near Kanab. Freddie figured he could find the treasure, if he could just come up with a grubstake.

It wasn't unusual for a businessman to outfit a prospector under an agreement to share any wealth discovered, and Robinson agreed to do just that. Crystal and his string of packhorses trailed off into the mountains, and weren't seen again for 8 years.

By 1922 the town had almost forgotten about the prospector and his tales of buried Aztec gold. It was pretty exciting when he came ambling back out of the mountains. When the people heard his story, they got even more excited. He'd found the treasure, he said, but he needed a lot of help to get it out.

Kanab just about closed up shop and migrated en masse into the mountains with Crystal. There, in a canyon on White Mountain, they found strange symbols carved into the cliffs that exactly matched those Freddie said he'd found in a book in Mexico. Nearby was a giant tunnel which had very carefully been sealed a long time ago.

The townspeople attacked that tunnel with a zeal that matched that of the original conquistadores, but day after day they found nothing but more rock. After 3 months everyone but Freddie had given up. Eventually he did too. He said that he was going back to Mexico to find more clues. He was never seen again.

How to Get There. Taos, N. Mex., is in northern New Mexico, about 60 mi. northeast of Santa Fe. Ask local residents to point out Taos Peak.

Kanab, U., is just north of the Arizona border, on Highway 89, about 90 mi. east of Interstate 15. Ask local residents for White Mountain, and the canyon with the symbols carved in the rocks.

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