Guide to Gold and Buried Treasure: Reno Gang Train Robbery

About the Reno Gang Train Robbery, history of the stolen gold and money, search for the lost treasure.


Reno Gang Train Robbery

Gold coins, bars, and currency worth more than $80,000 were stolen from a train in Marshfield, Ind. The robbers apparently stashed it nearby, and were hung before they could retrieve it.

How It Got There. In 1868 a passenger train of the Jefferson, Madison and Indianap oils Railroad stopped for wood and water at a station in Marshfield, Ind. As the crew left the train, 5 men hidden behind a woodpile leaped out, knocked the fireman and engineer unconscious, uncoupled the passenger cars, and took off with the engine and the baggage car. The empty safes from the baggage car were found in a wooded area 20 mi. from Marshfield, but there was no sign of the contents.

A short time later 4 members of the same gang were arrested for killing 3 fellow gang members, and the good citizens of Marshfield decided that it was time the entire gang was retired. The 4 prisoners were taken to nearby New Albany for safekeeping, but that night 50 vigilantes rode into town with red bandannas on their faces and demanded to know where the loot was hidden.

With the sheriff and prison guards tied up, they dragged the gang members one by one out of their cells. They were given a choice--their money or their lives. One by one they refused to tell where the gold was buried, and one by one they were hung. The last man spit defiantly and said: "You'd hang me anyway, so why should I tell?" He was probably right.

How to Get There. Marshfield, Ind., is in Warren County, near the Illinois border in the west-central part of the State. The gold is probably somewhere in the vicinity, hidden under the rich Indiana farmland.

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