Guide to Kitchen Utensils, Pots, Pans and Accessories: Glassware

About the uses, care, cost, and controvery surrounding glassware kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and accessories.

A Guide to Kitchen Utensils


Properties: Absorbs and retains heat well, but heats up unevenly.

Cost: Moderately priced to expensive.

Use: Highly recommended for ovenware and the cooking of acid foods such as tomatoes, etc. There are 3 main types: 1. Heatproof for oven use only. Loaf pans, pie plates, roasting dishes (casseroles). Oven temperatures should be lowered at least 25 deg as food cooks faster in glass. 2. Flameproof utensils used mainly for surface cooking, but they can also be used in the oven. Made into coffeepots, teakettles, double boilers, saucepans, skillets. (Corning Glass Company's "gourmet skillet" with a permanent handle is excellent for omelets, but food must be removed immediately as the skillet retains heat and will definitely continue cooking.) The use of an iron grid (or flame tamer) between the flame and the glassware will protect the utensil and improve its heat-conducting properties. It will not withstand sudden temperature changes. 3. Glassware used for mixing bowls, measuring cups, serving platters, and refrigerator storage dishes.

Care: Use soapy water and a plastic mesh pad to remove burned-on food. Scrub lightly because once this material is scratched it becomes more difficult to clean. Use wooden implements for mixing. Add extra water because the covers don't always fit, so there tends to be more evaporation.

Controversy: According to Adelle Davis, cooking in glassware allows the destruction of vitamin B2 in foods due to exposure to light.

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