Guinea-Bissau: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About Guinea-bissau information, history size, location, population, people, culture, and government.


Size--13,948 sq. mi. (36,125 sq. km.). Population--500,000.

After 5 centuries of Portuguese rule, this nation, on the coast of West Africa, ended an 11-year-war by having its independence "granted" by Portugal in 1974. According to Gil Fernandes, a leader of the ruling Parti Africano da Independencia da Guinee e Cabo Verde, "We are avoiding having the elite doing everything; the masses will. We think we can do it in Guinea. We can make the so-called elites go into the fields and plow for a while. Maybe it would be better for them than sitting at a desk. When you switch roles, you learn the value of the work someone else is doing."

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