Guinea: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Guinea, life expectancy, independence and different regions.



The people of Guinea have by far the shortest life expectancy of any nation in the world-27 years.

The Fouta Djallon region is composed of high plateaus and mountains, waterfalls and rapids; the Sudan region has arid plains and savannah, with elephants, antelope, and buffalo; the forest region is dense and lush, with monkeys, panthers, and many other wild animals; the coast region is swampy and full of tiny islands, with crocodiles and hippopotami in the jungle rivers.

Independence--October 2, 1958. When Guinea voted massively against De Gaulle's proposed constitution, the French withdrew from the former territory overnight. Not only did all French aid cease immediately, but within days, all French administrators, technicians, doctors, officers, teachers, and judges disappeared. They took all their records, unhooked the electricity and telephones in the government offices, and even removed the furniture and file cabinets. Guinean leaders moved into offices without a scrap of paper in them and had to rebuild the country's records from scratch, establishing a new bureaucracy upon no foundations at all.

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