Health Self-Exam for Women Prevention

Some tips and advice on how to help prevent gynecology and women's health problems.


1. Cotton underwear, or no underwear, will help prevent vaginal infections by allowing air to circulate more freely to the outer vaginal area.

2. Vaginal deodorant sprays should not be used. They cause itching and swelling of vaginal tissues in some women. So can scented or colored toilet paper.

3. After using the toilet, wipe front to back. This will avoid bringing bacteria from the anus into the urethra or vagina, which can cause infection.

4. A yogurt douche will help relieve yeast infections. The yogurt bacteria crowd out the yeast organisms, and will also aid in replacing beneficial bacteria after the use of antibiotic suppositories. Eating yogurt will restore healthy bacteria in the digestive tract after taking oral antibiotics.

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