History and Information about Graffiti Part 2 Examples and Graffiti Art

About the history of Graffiti, origins and meanings, uses and reasons behind graffiti, examples and graffiti as art.

Graffiti--the Handwriting on the Wall

The message or opinion graffitist likes to tell the world exactly what's on his mind. The bathroom wall provides a forum for uncensored communication on every possible topic. Leftist political graffiti comprise most of message graffiti, although philosophy, religion, the arts, and sex are traditional topics too:

Anarchy is against the law.

Judge Crater--please call your office.

You're never alone with schizophrenia.

Capitalism=heroin=addiction to business

Socialism=methadone=addiction to government


Andy Warhol stencils.

Philadelphia is not dull--it just seems so because it is next to exciting Camden, N.J.

We are the people our parents warned us about.

Marie Montessori taut me to rite at age too.

Judas needed the money for a sick friend.

Franz Kafka is a Kvetch.

Evil spelled backwards is live.

Nietzsche is pietzsche.

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in Zeus.

Carry me back to old virginity.

Why's it all so hard?

Because that's the way it's good!

May your life be like a roll of toilet paper--long and useful.

Reality is a crutch.

Art graffiti, the most recent graffiti trend, reached its peak during the summer of 1972 in New York City, when the subway cars were furtively decorated with spray paint by ghetto adolescents with names like Taki 183, Phase-Too, and T-Rex 131. Rather than simply leaving a plain written message these graffitists embellished their names with decorative and colorful swirls, curlicues, and flourishes. Although the City of New York tried to stop the graffitists (and even went so far as to pass a law that forbade conveying unsealed cans of spray paint in public), art graffiti had prominent supporters. Pop artist Claes Oldenburg compared the decorated cars to a "big bouquet from Latin America," and Norman Mailer analyzed the graffiti explosion as a healthy out-burst of the artistic urge in a repressive environment. They were not alone in this opinion; many of the graffitists have been commissioned to do murals for office buildings and for the Joffrey Ballet, and a group showing of graffiti art was held at New York's Razor Gallery.

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