History and Story Behind Inventions: Umbrella

About the story behind the invention of the umbrella, history of the various inventors in Great Britain.


INVENTOR: 6 Persons, G.B.

YEAR: 1700s

HOW INVENTED: The idea of umbrellas originated among the aristocracy in ancient Egypt. The modern umbrella, with ribs of steel covered by fabric, was created in the late 1700s. For their invention of the ordinary umbrella, the 6 inventors shared $10 million in profits, according to William S. Walsh. On the other hand, Joseph N. Kane has it that the 1st "umbrella is believed to have been used in Windsor, Conn., in 1740. It produced a riot of merriment and derision, the neighbors parading after the user carrying sieves balanced on broom handles."

The common umbrella inspired invention of the parachute.

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