History of Advertising: Mexican Stereotypes in Advertising

About some commercials and ad campaigns that could be considered as racist or perpetuating stereotypes about Mexican people.


Name of Advertiser Context and/or Content of Ad Racist Message

Granny Goose Fat Mexican toting guns, ammunition Mexicans=overweight, carry deadly weapons

Frito-Lay "Frito-Bandito" Mexicans=sneaky, thieves

Liggett & Myers "Paco" never "feenishes" anything, not even revolution Mexicans=too lazy to improve selves

R. J. Reynolds Mexican bandito Mexicans=bandits

Camel Cigarettes "Typical" Mexican village, all sleeping or bored Mexicans=do-nothings, irresponsible

General Motors White, rustic man holding 3 Mexicans at gunpoint Mexicans=should be and can be arrested by superior white man

Lark (Liggett & Myers) Mexican house painter covered with paint Mexicans=sloppy workers, undependable

Philco-Ford Mexican sleeping next to TV set Mexicans=always sleeping

Frigidaire Mexican banditos interested in freezer Mexicans=thieves, seeking Anglo artifacts

Arrid Mexican bandito sprays underarm, voice says, "If it works for him, it will work for you." Mexicans=stink the most

From: Voices edited by Octavio Romano. Berkeley, Calif., Quinto Sol Publications (P.O. Box 9275, Berkeley, Calif. 94709), 1973.

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