History of Dairy Products: Whey

About the dairy product whey, information about production of the liquid left over of milk and cheese, its nutritional value and use as a supplement.


Whey is the liquid left over when milk has formed curds and is made into cheese. Formerly, this liquid was fed mostly to livestock, but now that methods have been found to dry it, it is being used in different ways. As noted earlier, it is often included in ice cream, and is now being added to bread and cakes, where it contributes to higher volume and better keeping qualities. Whey can also be used to make a food yeast, high in protein and vitamins, which would be of immense value to underdeveloped countries. Alcohols, vinegar, and other fermented products can be made from whey; the production of vitamin B12 and riboflavin from this source is also a possibility. Whey, in dried form, is available at health food stores and is a nutritive food supplement.

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