History of International Newspapers: The Times in England Part 1

About the International newspaper The Times published in England, history and information.

THE TIMES (London, England)

The Past. A year after he started The Daily Universal Register (which became The Times) in 1785, John Walter was in Newgate prison serving a 16-month sentence for libeling the Duke of York. In those days, The Times, now staid and conservative, was something of a scandal sheet.

In 1800, John Walter II, son of the founder, took over. By then, it had become a true newspaper, which in 1804 attacked Lord Melville, Treasurer of the Navy, for incompetence. Melville was impeached, and with the impeachment, The Times became an authority. The Time's editorial writer, Edward Sterling, wrote in an article on social and political matters, "We thundered out the other day an article on social and political reform." From then on, The Times was known affectionately as "The Thunderer."

Thomas Barnes, one of the world's great journalists, became editor in 1819 and soon turned the paper into an important publication, doubling its circulation from 5,000 in 1815 to 10,000 in 1821. Barnes was a quiet, self-effacing individual. When he died, The Times mentioned his name for the 1st time in an ordinary obituary, never saying that he had any connection with the newspaper it was printed in.

John Thadeus Delane replaced Barnes. He was a strange choice--only 23 years old, a handsome Berkshire squire whose main enthusiasm was horses. He soon showed his journalistic genius. No state secret was safe from him and his reporters. His regime brought comments like Disraeli's, who said that there were 2 British ambassadors in every world capital--one representing the Queen and one representing The Times. In 1854, Lord John Russell wrote to Queen Victoria, "The degree of information possessed by The Times with regard to the most secret affairs of State is mortifying, humiliating, and incomprehensible."

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