History of Legal and Illegal Drugs from 1925 to 1940 A.D.

About the history of legal and illegal drugs from 1925 to 1940 A.D. in particular Morphine addiction, bootleg liquor sales, coffee bureau, tax on marijuana, creation of LSD.

1928 In a nationwide radio broadcast entitled "The Struggle of Mankind Against Its Deadliest Foe," celebrating the 2nd annual Narcotic Education Week, Richmond P. Hobson, prohibition crusader and antinarcotics propagandist, declares: "Suppose it were announced that there were more than a million lepers among our people. Think what a shock the announcement would produce! Yet drug addiction is far more incurable than leprosy, far more tragic to its victims, and is spreading like a moral and physical scourge. . . . Most of the daylight robberies, daring holdups, cruel murders, and similar crimes of violence are now known to be committed chiefly by drug addicts, who constitute the primary cause of our alarming crime wave. Drug addiction is more communicable and less curable than leprosy. . . . Upon the issue hangs the perpetuation of civilization, the destiny of the world, and the future of the human race."

1928 It is estimated that in Germany one out of every hundred physicians is a morphine addict, consuming 0.1 grain of the alkaloid or more per day.

1929 About one gal. of denatured industrial alcohol in 10 is diverted into bootleg liquor. About 40 Americans per million die each year from drinking illegal alcohol, mainly as a result of methyl (wood) alcohol poisoning.

1930 The Federal Bureau of Narcotics is formed. Many of its agents, including its 1st commissioner, Harry J. Anslinger, are former prohibition agents.

1936 The Pan-American Coffee Bureau is organized at the 1st Pan-American Coffee Conference, in Bogota, Colombia. A principal objective of the bureau is "to formulate a cooperative effort for the promotion of increase in per-capita consumption of coffee in the U.S. through the creation of a fund to conduct an educational and advertising campaign." During the 1st 4-year period from the start of the bureau's advertising (1938 to 1941), U.S. coffee consumption increases approximately 20%, while it takes 24 years (1914 to 1937) for another similar increase to occur.

1937 Shortly before the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act, Commissioner Harry J. Anslinger writes: "How many murders, suicides, robberies, criminal assaults, holdups, burglaries, and deeds of maniacal insanity it [marijuana] causes each year, especially among the young, can only be conjectured."

1937 The Marijuana Tax Act is enacted.

1938 Since the enactment of the Harrison Act in 1914, 25,000 physicians have been arraigned on narcotics charges, and 3,000 served penitentiary sentences.

1938 Dr. Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz Laboratories in Basle, Switzerland, synthesizes LSD. Five years later he inadvertently ingests a small amount of it, and reports its effects on himself.

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