History of Legal and Illegal Drugs from 1970-1975 A.D. Part 3

About the history of legal and illegal drugs from 1970 to 1975 A.D. including price of heroin, health care costs, polls, anti-drug programs.

1972 On December 23, Reuters reports: "The Italian Government has approved a law under which drug addicts would be treated as sick people rather than criminals. A government statement said that under the new law ... an addict would face minimal penalties and none at all if he agreed to submit to medical treatment."

1972 In England, the pharmacy cost of heroin is $.04 per grain (60 mg.), or $.00067 per mg. In the U.S., the street price is $30 to $90 per grain, or $.50 to $1.50 per mg.

1972 President Nixon calls "drug abuse the nation's Public Enemy No. 1," million for fiscal 1973 "to battle the drug problem from poppy-grower to pusher."

1973 According to Barron's, the weekly financial newspaper, health care is the largest industry in the U.S. In fiscal 1973, Americans will spend $90 billion on health care, compared with $76.4 billion for defense. Only 32% of the total bill is paid for directly, 30% coming from insurance companies, and 38% from the Government.

1973 A nationwide Gallup poll reveals that 67% of the adults interviewed "support the proposal of New York governor Nelson Rockefeller that all sellers of hard drugs be given life imprisonment without the possibility of parole." Among the typical comments cited by Gallup: "The seller of drugs is not human ... therefore he should be removed from society."

1973 Myles J. Ambrose, Special Attorney General in charge of the Office for Drug Abuse, defending the methods used by his agents in apprehending alleged drug abusers: "Drug people are the very vermin of humanity ... Occasionally we must adopt their dress and tactics."

1973 "Citing opposition from 'misguided soft-liners,'" Governor Rockefeller signs into law "the toughest antidrug program in the nation." He also requests the legislature "to provide funds to nearly double the State's narcotics treatment facilities.... The new law calls for mandatory minimum jail terms for drug pushers and possessors but will allow parole under lifetime supervision."

1973 Michael R. Sonnenreich, executive director of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, declares: "About 4 years ago we spent a total of $66.4 million for the entire Federal effort in the drug abuse area. ... This year we have spent $796.3 million, and the budget estimates that have been submitted indicate that we will exceed the $1 billion mark. When we do so, we become, for want of a better term, a drug abuse industrial complex."

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