History of Product Names & Trademarks: Heinz 57 Varieties

About the history and origins of famous product names and trademarks, in this case Heinz 57 varieties.

HEINZ 57 VARIETIES In 1860, Henry J. Heinz, age 16, was selling homegrown vegetables to Pittsburgh grocers. In 1869, he and a friend, L.C. Noble, went into business and marketed their 1st product-horseradish. The company went bankrupt, but Heinz started a new company in 1876, F. and J. Heinz. One of this firm's 1st products was ketchup. The inspiration for the "Heinz 57 Varieties" trademark came to Heinz one day as he rode an elevated train in New York City. He noticed an advertisement which promoted "21 styles" of a brand of shoes. He later said, "It set me to thinking. I said to myself, "We do not have styles of products, but we do have varieties of products.'" Although Heinz had well over 57 products, he liked the sound of that particular number, especially the 7 because of the "psychological influence of that figure and of its alluring significance to people of all ages."

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