History of Product Names & Trademarks: Life Savers

About the history and origins of famous product names and trademarks, in this case Life Savers.

LIFE SAVERS Cleveland chocolate manufacturer Clarence A. Crane introduced Life Savers to aid low chocolate sales in the hot summer months. The white circular mints were made on a pill machine by a pharmaceutical manufacturer and were advertised as "Crane's Peppermint Life Savers--5cent--For That Stormy Breath." In 1913, a New York advertising salesman, Edward J. Noble, tried to persuade Crane to enlarge the Life Saver business, believing that it could be "pyramided into a fortune." Crane refused, instead selling all rights to his mint candies to Noble for $2,900. Noble's sales motto was: "Put Life Savers near the cash register. Then be sure every customer gets a nickel with his change and see what happens." Life Saver's hole in the middle is patented as "nothing enclosed by a circle."

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