History of Product Names & Trademarks: Morton Salt

About the history and origins of famous product names and trademarks, in this case Morton Salt.

MORTON SALT Joy Morton founded the Morton Salt Company in 1910, but his son, Sterling, chose the umbrella girl trademark and the slogan, "When It Rains It Pours." The younger Morton rejected the 1st 12 trademarks suggested by an advertising agency, and 3 "on the bench" sketches were presented to him. As he said, "I was immediately struck with one. It showed a little girl with an umbrella over her head, rain falling, a package of salt under her arm tilted backward with spout open and salt running out. Perhaps the fact that my daughter, Suzette, was occupying a lot of my time and attention at that period had something to do with my interest. But, anyway, it struck me that here was the whole story in a picture-that the message that the salt would run in damp weather was made beautifully evident." The appearance of the Morton Salt girl has changed over the years. She has progressed from a curly-headed blonde, to a brunette, and finally back to a blonde with a Dutch bob.

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