History of Product Names & Trademarks: Other Famous Names

About the history and origins of famous product names and trademarks, in this case Cambell's Soup, Baby Ruth, Barbie, Kleenex, Tootsie Rolls, and others.


BABY RUTH The candy bar was named after the oldest daughter of President Grover Cleveland, and not after baseball's Babe Ruth.

BARBIE DOLL The teen-age fashion model was the idea of Ruth Handler, executive of Mattel, Inc., after she noticed that her daughter, "Barbie," preferred "older-looking" dolls to baby dolls.

B.V.D. UNDERWEAR Although consumers have come up with many hilarious, oftentimes embarrassing, meanings for the BVD letters appearing on men's underwear, the label actually derives from the initials of the men who in 1876 originated the brand under their company's name, Bradley, Voorhees and Day.

CAMPBELL'S SOUP TWINS The "mischievous, roly-poly, fun-loving" twins who sing the praises of Campbell's soup were originally sketched by Grace Gebbie Drayton (of Philadelphia). In 1904 she was handing out prototypes of the twins as party favors to her friends.

DUBBLE BUBBLE GUM It used to be called "Blibber Blubber."

FULLER BRUSH MAN Alfred C. Fuller, founder of the Fuller Brush Company, came to the U.S. from Nova Scotia in 1903 at the age of 18 with $375 in his pocket. In 1905 he began making brushes in the basement of his sister's house and sold them door-to-door for 50 cent apiece. He died, aged 88, in 1973.

KLEENEX The "pop-up" tissues were 1st used in W.W. I as a mask filter.

LOLLIPOPS In the early 1900s, George Smith, employed by a Connecticut candy manufacturer, "put together the candy and the stick" and called it Lolly Pop, the name of one of the era's most famous race horses.

NOXZEMA The cream was sold as "Dr. Bunting's Sunburn Remedy," until someone discovered that it "knocks eczema."

SCRABBLE An unemployed architect, Alfred Mosher Butts, invented the word game in 1931, and he called it "Scrabble" to reflect the "digging" for letters involved, a key part of game strategy.

TOOTSIE ROLL Austrian candy manufacturer, Leo Hirshfield, named his chewy, chocolate rolls after a former girl friend, "Tootsie."

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