History of Rape, Prevention, Crime and Punishment Part 5 Rape Crisis Help

About the Rape Crisis Centers that are available to peple who have been victimized, conclusions about the crime of rape.

Rape Control Fails to Halt Increased Rape Rate

Life or Death Decisions. Obviously, a woman facing a rapist is forced to make 2 very difficult decisions instantaneously: 1. What kind of a man is the rapist? Can he be "talked" out of the idea? Will resistance make him violent? If he is armed with gun, knife, or other weapon, of course, resistance may be out of the question anyway. 2. What is the woman herself capable of doing in the way of effective physical resistance. . . not only as to skill, strength and technique, but is her own emotional capacity to do violence to another, even a would-be rapist, firm enough? Could she poke both his eyes out, while pretending to caress his face--a simple technique recommended, incidentally, by some law enforcement people.

The Rape Crisis Centers. However, as stated, best estimates are that in 1973 more than 1/2 million women were unable to avoid rape, and over 50,000 of them reported the assaults. All of those 50,000 women went through one or more of the previously detailed difficult, frequently degrading, experiences beyond the rape itself. Many of them were helped immeasurably through these ordeals by the dedicated members of rape crisis centers, which are operating in more than 35 States across the country.

The women working in these centers--many are rape victims themselves--do not necessarily urge a rape victim to report or prosecute her case. They leave the decision solely up to the violated woman. What they do is give counsel and comfort. If the victim wishes, they sit in on police interrogations, accompany her to the hospital, and the district attorney's office. In short, their function is to help a sister through what is unquestionably one of the most degrading, humiliating experiences a woman can have, one that may leave her physically or psychologically crippled.

And they are carrying out this function with increasing effectiveness as they gain experience, and as more and more of them get funding from agencies such as the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

The war against rape, in short, is raging. And perhaps, in time, this vicious crime will be brought under some semblance of control.

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