History of Television Around the World - Australia

About the history of television in the world and in Australia, American programs, what the channels offer.

Television around the World


A viewing public of about 7 million living in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney has the choice of 4 channels when it sits down to the telly: 3 commercial stations and a government-sponsored public-service channel. With the commercial stations alone broadcasting some 17 hours every day, the overall viewing time in a city like Sydney can run to about 450 hours a week, as contrasted with a maximum of 200 hours in most European countries. Quantity, however, is not quality. Almost half of these 450 hours is spent screening imports like "I Love Lucy," "The Saint," or "Ironside," and local programming is littered with police shows and W.W. II dramas. One channel in Sydney has developed "No. 96"--a kind of "blue" soap opera concerning gangbangs, adultery, and incest as found in Sydney's Paddington district. While full frontal nudity is still taboo, even the more respectable shows are spiced up with total rear and waist-up frontal nudity. "We're not making great TV," explains one TV executive. "We are asked to produce a program that appeals to a mass market and makes money. That is what we set out to do."

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