History of Television Around the World - China

About the history of television in the world and in China, Chinese broadcasts.

Television around the World


From 1958, when the Central People's Television Broadcasting Station opened in Peking, through the late 1960s, the development of television in China was a slow, regional business, and in 1967, with the advent of the Red Guard, it all but disappeared. Broadcasts were on the air again 3 or 4 nights a week by 1970, but there was little outside of newscasts, Peking operas, and long periods when Mao's thoughts were flashed on the screen. While recently, with the coverage of live events such as the May Day parade or Peking's international Ping-Pong tournament, Chinese TV has been visibly advancing technically, and while "Red Flag Canal," a documentary on the struggle to build a dam in Honan province, has received acclaim from all over the world, television remains little more than an electronic newspaper in China.

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