History of Television Around the World - Middle East

About the history of television in the world and in the Middle East, shows largely about politics, information, programming in Israel.

Television around the World


Television in the Middle East is little more than blocks of political propaganda spaced between episodes of "Marcus Welby," "The Avengers," and "I Love Lucy," the UHF Israel squaring away against the VHF Egyptians, Jordanians, and Lebanese. In Israel, the late Ben-Gurion was opposed to television from the beginning and it is likely that the only reason the Israelis got into TV at all was as a response to telecasts immediately outside its borders, where Jordan has one station, Kuwait has one, and South Arabia has 5. During a 1973 television strike and video blackout, Israelis read Jordan's TV schedule in the Jerusalem Post and watched Jordan's broadcasts on their half a million sets. Local original material that has come out of the Middle East has been scant and, in many cases, it is suppressed. The Jordanians filmed an excellent drama series on the fedayeen guerrillas that was never brought to the screen. Kuwait rather sums up TV's situation in the Middle East with a show they call "Know Your Enemy," about the scene in Israel.

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