History of Television Around the World - Scandanavia

About the history of television in the world and in Scandanavia, specifically the Norwegian show Idebanken, government education.

Television around the World


The Norwegians had developed a concept similar to Germany's Aktenzeichen Xy ... Ungelost, which they called Idebanken ("The Bank of Ideas"). Essentially, the program's format was to present a problem, discuss it with a panel, then ask the viewing audience to phone in any suggestions or solutions it had. In this manner a better boat was designed for fishermen, a way was found to build simple eel traps, and a means was found for rural craftsmen to sell their products in the city. The show was scrapped in 1969, due to government pressure. It seems that the Government had decided that schools in remote areas could not be kept open. Idebanken had decided that they could and showed the Government how this could be done.

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