History of the World Cup Soccer Championships 1930 Argentina v. Uruguay

About the history of the 1930 World Cup Championships for soccer or football ending in Argentina v. Uruguay.



Uruguay's enthusiasm at being chosen the host nation for the 1st World Cup soon turned to bitterness. Only a few months before the games were to convene, not one European nation had decided to enter. Citing the difficulty of what in those days was a 3-week journey, and the hardships of salary loss to the amateur players who would have to abandon their jobs, the European teams decided to sit this one out. It was only through cajolery and threats that the games eventually took on a truly international flavor. In Romania, King Carol personally picked the team members and pressured their employers to give them time off Belgium, Yugoslavia, and France also decided to enter the competition. England had left FIFA several years before and so did not participate, but the U.S. entered a team made up mostly of British and Scottish professionals. In the absence of the competition that England, Scotland, and Austria would have provided, Uruguay was the definite favorite.

The competition began with 4 qualifying pools, with the winner in each pool going on to the semifinals. Argentina triumphed over Chile, France, and Mexico in the Pool I games. In the match between Argentina and France, the referee inadvertently blew the whistle to signal the end of the game 6 minutes before time had actually run out. Mounted police had to be brought onto the field to restore order.

The Pool II games began with an upset. Yugoslavia beat Brazil 2-1, and went on to qualify by also beating Bolivia. Not surprisingly, Uruguay triumphed in Pool III, 2-1 over Peru and 4-0 over Romania. The Pool IV victors were the Americans, who decisively beat Belgium and Paraguay.

The U.S. was less successful in the semifinals, totally falling apart in the 2nd half of their game with Argentina, which they lost 6-1. Three of the 6 goals were shot during the last 9 minutes of the game.

The Uruguay-Yugoslavia match began with a shocker--a goal by Seculic of Yugoslavia only 4 minutes into the game. But the tide soon turned and the final score was 6-1, Uruguay's favor.

The final was between Argentina and Uruguay. The game was played to a crowd of 90,000, with thousands more assembled outside the stadium. Arriving Argentinians were searched for weapons and soldiers with fixed bayonets kept the crowd moving.

Pablo Dorado, Uruguay's right-winger, scored the 1st goal some 12 minutes into the game, but his Argentinian counterpart soon evened the score. Argentina's Stabile, a master of fine ball control, stunned the Uruguayans with another goal shortly before the half.

The 2nd half saw Uruguay's Pedro Cea follow a brilliant dribble with a goal that again evened the score. The host team regained its confidence and secured the win with a goal from Santos Iriarte, the young outside-left, and another by Castro only seconds before the end. The final score was Uruguay 4, Argentina 2. Jules Rimet handed the golden 50,000-franc cup to the dazed Uruguayan team captain.

In Uruguay, the following day was declared a national holiday; in Argentina an angry mob pelted the Uruguayan embassy with stones. The World Cup was on its way.

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