History of the World Cup Soccer Championships 1962 Czechoslovakia v. Brazil

About the history of the 1962 World Cup Championships for soccer or football ending with Czechoslovakia v. Brazill.


When bidding to host the World Cup in 1962, Chile had just suffered one of her disastrous earthquakes. The president of the Chilean Football Federation plaintively summed up the essence of Chile's bid: "We must have the World Cup because we have nothing." And so the World Cup was awarded and Chile erected 2 new stadia and raced to be ready for the hordes of players and fans.

Violence marred several of the early games, notably that of Italy against Chile. The atmosphere had been inflamed by Italian journalists' criticism of the backwardness of Chile, while Chileans resented Italy's recruitment of South American players. In the quarter-finals, Brazil's Garrincha assured their victory over England, 3-1, and moved out of the shadow of the absent, injured Pele. Yugoslavia conquered Germany 1-0, a triumph of versatility over caution. The Chileans found Russia's great goalkeeper Yachine inexplicably slow, failing to intercept a ball kicked from 35 yards. The home team prevailed, 2-1. Czechoslovakia beat Hungary 1-0, saved by their goalkeeper Schroiff even though their defense at times resembled Swiss cheese. Scherer scored Czechoslovakia's one point.

The semifinals matched, or mismatched, Chile with Brazil. Garrincha was a one-man Brazilian army, kicking in the 1st goal, heading in a 2nd. Chile responded with one, but within a few minutes Vava made it 3 for Brazil. Chile had another on penalty, a point matched by Vava. In the last 10 minutes, the game deteriorated. Garrincha was kicked by Rojas and sent off for responding likewise. As he headed off the field, a spectator left fly with a bottle to the back of Garrincha's head, gashing it. Then Landa, a Chilean, was also expelled. It was an unfortunate but perhaps understandable conclusion to a game that saw Chile defeated 4-2 in front of fans who had dared to hope that in addition to hosting the World Cup they could keep it.

The other semifinal match featured a tight Czechoslovakian defense which thwarted Yugoslavia's attacks. Additionally, the Czechs found Yugoslavia's weakness on the wings and exploited it. Their 2-1 lead turned to a 3-1 final score when Scherer responded to a penalty. It was an upset that sent the Czechs into a final against Brazil.

The Brazilians were favored, but the Czech semifinal upset raised some doubts. At first it was uncertain whether the reprimanded Garrincha would be allowed to participate. He was permitted to play, but turned out to play less than his usual starring role in Brazil's win.

The Czechs lost little time making their 1st goal, putting the Brazilians in the one-down position. Amarildo quickly evened the score after advancing to the goal along the left goal line. The Czech performance continued to be more than credible, but well into the 2nd half Amarildo faked out his man, passed to Zito, and watched Brazil take the lead. Brazil's 3rd point underscored the fact that Czech goalkeeper Schroiff was in poor form: A high kick from Santos was touched by Schroiff, but he evidently had the sun in his eyes. He dropped the ball and Vava booted it in. For the 2nd time in a row, this time with Amarildo as the man of the hour, Brazil took the Cup.

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