Human Behavior Story The Lamb's Advice to Man Part 1

About the story of the lamb's advice to man, the two wise men discuss the virtue of man until the lamb chimes in on human behavior.


How delightful it is to wake up one morning to find that winter is over and that the warm spring air is fanning one's cheek!

It was upon such a morning that a lamb, happy and grateful for the delicious, sweet grass of the field in which he was feeding, spied 2 men afar off. After a time, they entered the field, and as they drew nearer, he was able to hear what they were saying.

He soon gathered that each of them considered himself to be possessed of not a little wisdom. Many were the topics which they discussed, and their manner of speaking made it quite evident that each valued his own opinion very highly indeed.

"Man is the cream of creation," declared one. "Just think, my friend; man has speech and a language with which he is able to express his thoughts."

"True," said the other. "When a noble idea is born within the mind of a ma, he is in a position to make it known to others. He can draw the attention of his friends to things of beauty, and thus delight their souls."

"He can describe all the wonderful scenes which he has witnessed to those who have been unable to travel and see for themselves," continued the 1st.

"By means of speech men may band themselves together to carry out their common desires. They may also settle their disputes by explanation rather than by force," rejoined the 2nd.

"I offer continual praise to God that He has granted me this good gift of speech, by which I never cease to pour out the very best of advice to all round me," concluded the one who had 1st spoken.

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