Human Behavior Story The Lamb's Advice to Man Part 2

About the story of the lamb's advice to man, the two wise men discuss the virtue of man until the lamb chimes in on human behavior.


They both turned their heads very slowly toward the lamb, who had been walking silently by their side. They could hardly believe their ears, for the lamb was talking to them. Here was something new to pass on to their friends!

"Sirs," began the lamb, "you believe that men alone possess the power of speech, but in that you are mistaken. Just consider. Would the birds be justified in saying that man has no knowledge of music because he does not sing their songs, and in their manner?

"Again, you have ideas. You build towns and cities. You make houses in which to live. Ugly chimneys pour out smoke where once were trees and flowers. And then you use your gift of speech to describe the beauty which you saw before you began to spoil it.

"Banding together, you set your mind upon a thing, and feel obliged to quarrel with those whose idea is not yours and who are banded against you.

"Even though you meet to talk things over, in your heart you mean to have you own way, and so you come to strife in the end.

"You have laws because you do not believe that all will be just, and judges to punish those who break them. People are bound by oath. Policemen are appointed to keep you in order.

"Why is this?

"Do any other creatures in the whole world make themselves so troublesome? Do other creatures band themselves together and go into other lands to kill others by thousands? Surely not! It is man, and man alone, who does these things.

"Until you can dismiss the policeman and the judge, and learn to expect justice as the reward of love, instead of banding yourselves together to enforce it, do not boast of being the cream of creation.

"Take a lesson from the sheep, for we have much better ways. We eat, we feed, we sleep together. Neither is greater or less than another, and so we have nothing to quarrel over.

"Do not make so much of the ants and bees, who are clever little creatures it is true, but who bite and sting, causing discomfort and often killing one another.

"Rather take your example from sheep and lambs, who are hated by none."

Surely this lamb gave the wise ones much to think about.

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