Human Beings on Planet Earth: Diet, Behavior, and Intelligence of Man

About human beings on planet Earth, their diet, behavior, distinguishing intelligence and lanaguge of man.


Man has spend 99% of his life-span as a hunter, a killer. He had to, in order to survive. Thus, the great early inventors of the throwing stick (for spearing animals and fish), and later the inventors of bow-and-arrow and fishline-and-hook, were major contributors to human progress. Today's "captive" population of domestic livestock lead joyless lives--caged and confined--waiting only to become chops, hamburgers, and chicken parts, or to produce milk and eggs. Americans often consider the Hindus of India--who allow "mother cow" to live without fear of the slaughterhouse--as evaders of protein reality. On the other hand, many Indians consider American hamburger-lovers as spiritual degenerates. Both are partly right. Vegetarianism is gaining widespread popularity, especially among the young.

In Corporate Man, Antony Jay says that "the modern corporation is a clustering of animal jealousies, status displays, hunting bands, tribal assemblies and tribal rituals . . . underneath the civilized exterior the primitive hunting band is still alive and well and living in New York, or Seattle, or Wilmington, or Poughkeepsie." The continuing military-industrial complex bears this out. Meantime, an increasing number of women have left their kitchens to join the hunting pack in the conglomerate business world.

Homo sapiens's most distinguishing early attributes were his brain and his creation of an intelligible spoken language. Archaeologists have long noted scratchings on bits of bone, rock, and ivory. In 1971, Alexander Marshack claimed that these scratchings were the 1st evidence of the mathematical abilities of man, the accountant--Homo accomptantus, who had begun recording the phases of the moon. According to Dr. Ralph Solecki, these Ice Age piqures, were "a logical springboard leading to the more sophisticated calendars of ancient Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt." Records and archives lie beneath innumerable dust mounds in Mesopotamia--like countless clay tablets covered with cuneiform "writing"--waiting to be transcribed. Egyptian hieroglyphics, early Phoenician alphabetics, Mayan calendrical markings, await some scholar's patient translation. Homo habilis has never ceased to expand his spoken and written means of communication. He has invented the typewriter, telephone, telegraph, radio, TV, computer, and, most recently, the earth-girdling satellites that could take man back to the pre-Babel Tower concept of a single world language.

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