Hungary: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, history, size, population, and government of the country Hungary.



Location--A landlocked country in Central Europe, occupying the center of the Middle Danube Basin. It is bordered on the west by Austria, on the north by Czechoslovakia, on the northeast by the Ukrainian Republic of the U.S.S.R., on the east by Romania and on the south by Yugoslavia.

How Created--Nomadic tribes took occupation of the Carpathian Basin at the end of the 9th century. The Treaty of Trianon in 1920 legalized the annexation of territories of what are today Slovakia, Carpathian Ukraine, Transylvania, etc., by neighboring nations to form the modern boundaries. After German and Soviet occupation in W.W. II, a new peace treaty restored the Trianon frontiers, with a small alteration in favor of Czechoslovakia.

Size--35,919 sq. mi. (93,030 sq. km.). The present country occupies only the central portion (about 30%) of the original territory.

Population--10,700,000: Magyar, 98.2%; German, 0.5%; Slovak, 0.3%; Gypsy, 0.3%; Croatian, 0.3%; other, 0.4%. 55% Roman Catholic, 25% Lutheran and Calvinist, 1% Jewish.

Who Rules--The National Assembly with 349 members elected for 4-year terms. They elect a Presidential Council which serves as a collective Head of State. The National Assembly also elects the Supreme Court.

Who REALLY Rules--The Hungarian Socialist Worker's party, a Soviet-manipulated puppet regime based on a platform of Marxism-Leninism, directs, guides and coordinates all activities of the State. It has a membership of 600,000.

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